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Imbalance Also Breeds Fairness

Hardly anyone with normal passions can avoid the experience as an enthusiast, waiting in line all night for a mere access to the dazzling image of your favorite film star or occupying TV for hours just to enjoy a bare glance at your admired sports hero who have become an inevitable part of your life. Hence, uncontrollable cheers and hails and yearnings and anticipations stimulate your excessive willingness to sink your pocket money into constituting a special, high income social class STARS. Their graceful images attract world wide attention, their substantial life style with luxurious BMWs and sparkling diamonds earns millions of souls' admiration, and also, their modes of existence like this have been challenged by increasing arguments; whether it is fair for them to obtain such a high income? As for me, I firmly support that such imbalance in income is justified from both social and economic perspectives.

  On the social standpoint, many factors lend credence to my view.

  It is fair, first, because most stars win their popularity by their unique skills and gifts. Those with only innate features may arouse an instant stir but will be wipeout in the harsh competition very soon. Short lifed they are. Only the ones, however,with rich acting techniques and practical experiences to prove their personal value can survive and endure a long time. Audiences are never a foolish mass, but smart enough. Tom Hanks and Jacky Cheng are such cases that left eternal luster and glory in the film history. Liao Changyong, a village boy from poverty stricken area, who finally won wide acknowledgement through painstaking effort and consistent commitment in musical society,can also serve as a persuasive example.

  Equally, it is fair, secondly, because stars cater to the public spiritual needs. It is stars who interpret human virtues and imperfections in their particular ways, that reflect an intense human desire, deep in mind, for beauty, elegance and strength,that bound us together into excitements, concerns, loyalties or shocks, pitfalls, confusions. Why shouldn't those who comfort our souls and lead our mentality get more rewards? At anytime and in anywhere, are we eager for heroes. Vigorous, decent and strong-minded, that is our hero and that's the way they came to us. Anyway, it will be a sad sky without stars!

  Thirdly, the high income stars earned is,due to its legal and reasonable way of obtaining. No stealing, no robber——if it is the case but from the willing public fans and investors, then,why should we disturb the normal social stability by breaking such a supply demand chain?

  On the other hand, we may get a fresh view from economic perspective. It is true that such professions as teachers or doctors with years of specific training find themselves in a relatively low income class. The phenomenon appears unfair. However,since it is human nature to pursue the greatest benefits, why don't they quit the jobs and join the stars'rank? For one thing,the lack of potential qualities may deny ordinary people's opportunities to be stars. For another, in my opinion, they are just unwilling to take the challenge. To be a star, one has to suffer agreat deal of pressure, face keen competition it entails, and even sacrifice his or her privacy or security which often put a star in dilemma. Sometimes life could be the price paid for their cause.Zhang Guorong was such a case in point. A stable but less-profitable job or rather a challenging, risky but highly paid job,which will you choose? In terms of economy, it's an opportunity cost and either alternative up to the individual is justified and reasonable.

  Admittedly, care should be taken to ensure that professions with specific skills are given their due income, for too sharp imbalance will inevitably give rise to social disorder.

  Ours is an ever growing and intensively competitive world.With the advancement of people's living standards, the demand for spiritual guidance is increasing dramatically. We are sometimes so less conscious of the extent to which stars provide a more intangible but more crucial, psychological well being that makes the difference between a colorful and gloomy life. It is highly recommendable to give stars the reward they deserve and such imbalance will also breed fairness, I'm sure.

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  从习作的结构看,层次鲜明,条理清晰,过渡自然,首尾呼应,观点明确。汪还琼同学善于运用一些关联词,也注重句型表达的多元化,特别是她对转折词 however和疑问句的运用:"Only the ones,however,with rich acting techniques and practical expertences to prove their personal worth can survive and endure a long time.Audiences are never a foolish mass,but smart enough."(Para.Three)用however引出了她的观点。"Why shouldn't those who comfort our souls and lead our mentality get more rewards?"(Para.Four)用反问句说出她的看法。"Why should we disturb the normal social stability by breaking such a supply-demand chain?"(Para.Five)虽是疑问句但她的立场明确。"However,since it is human nature to pursue the greatest benefits,why don't they swift the jobs and jom the stars,rank?"和"A stable but less-profitable job or rather a challenging risky but highly-paid job,which will you choose?''前一个反问句和后一个疑问句都是要让读者认同这一报酬的合理性。在论说文中,适当的使用问句或一些过渡词来吸引读者注意,会有助于突出立场、明确观点,也同时丰富了篇章的表达。